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Emerald Publishing believes in principled, independent research that drives broader outcomes and greater impact; and we champion the thinkers whose new – and specialist – ideas make a difference to business, industry and society.

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We have a strong tradition in partnering with other organizations to set up joint research awards to recognize the best research being published worldwide.

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Emerald has representation in over 20 countries, with offices across five continents.

Emerald family

Reaching our 50th year is the combined achievement of many who have worked for and alongside Emerald over the years, including of course those who write, read and use the research we publish.

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Emerald Insight opens a door to the best ideas in the world of research. Visit the site to browse through 15,000+ journals, books and case studies including some of the latest thinking in your specialist area.

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Emerald Group

Looking back across the years as one business has grown into a wider group, now covering a diverse range of subjects, content types and services, we take immense pride in what we have achieved. Find out more about Emerald Group and how we can help you.

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Impact of research

For 50 years Emerald has firmly believed in championing ideas that make a difference. We want to ensure that the content we publish benefits the wider community.

We have a broad view of impact and encourage research that supports teaching, that contributes to the body of knowledge, that helps companies to be better managed, that influences public bodies and policymakers, that benefits society or the environment, or that contributes to economic development.

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